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Valley High

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Crafting good music and experiencing life to the fullest, Valley High provides the soundtrack for those with their feet on the ground and head in the stars. Mixing sounds from hip-hop, rock, funk, and reggae to dubstep, alternative and R&B, Valley High's music is as rich and varied as the heritage of its members. Moxy Monster, the spiritual hustler, SnowRowe, the ambitious keymaster, King John III

 the bluesy guitarist, Mickey C, the Asian boy wonder, and M.O, the lady lover, soothe your eardrums with a style that reminiscent of a one night stand between the Fugees and the Neptunes. After only being together for a year, Valley High is already buzzing on many popular blog sites as well as in their home state of Ohio. The groups members have already lit the stage on fire alongside such great acts as Wale, Big Sean, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Mike Posner, and Immortal Technique. With a high energy live show, an undeniable appeal, and most of all, dope beats and heartfelt lyrics, it's only a matter of time before the whole world jams to the tunes of Valley High and follow the Cool Cat Experience.

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