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Static Wonder


Static Wonder began as a three person band with every member playing the guitar. After four years, three falling outs, three lineup changes, and hundreds upon hundreds of fights, the band ended up being the same three original members but now with one playing bass, one playing drums and singing, and one playing guitar and singing lead vocals. Now, instead of arguing about stuff like girls and who was better at what, they argue about how good a certain section of a song or entire song should be. Each member is insanely in love with their investment in the band and how it can be the best it can be. Having been trying to formulate the perfect blend of instruments and vocals for the past eight years, It's safe to say that Static Wonder has finally found their perfect mix. After self-recording an LP under their old name "The Bad Ideas", they realized that this was a force not be forgotten or reckoned with. They began fruvilously writing music and playing out wherever they could. After almost a year of working, they hit a break when gifted a day at Moonlight Studios, which was just under enough time to record three songs. They chose the best three they had in their arsenal, and recorded "I'll Be Your King - EP" which got them a slight more amount of recognition in the local scene. A year later, talk began of recording the ultimate LP. They had huge ideas and ambitions, but none of them seemed to match up with their current name. After several thousand battles over the phone and during rehearsels, the name Static Wonder, came about. It was love at first sight for all of them. They all then got jobs and worked their butts off so that they had enough money to record 12 full length songs at Moonlight Studios. After spending literally their entire spring break in 2013 in the studio, they came out with Universities. The album speaks for itself in terms of the passion and work that went into it. In late 2014, a fourth member was added to the roster and Static Wonder became a four piece. They are currently in the studio writing a six song EP slated for release in summer 2015. 


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