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New Sincerity Works


New Sincerity Works was formed in the summer of 2014 by Mike Tittel (Loud Family, Pidgin, Beer, Roger Klug Power Trio). The band was created in the image of what all bands should look like: themselves. The songs contain modest, heart on your sleeve themes mashed up with indie-pop, Americana and 1980's guitar-driven new wave, for a decidedly familiar, yet fresh presentation. The band has invited comparisons to a second distant cousin of Alex Chilton as well as Guided By Voices, Paul Westerberg, Phoenix and the Postal Service.

"I always wanted to be in this kind of band playing guitar and singing. But nobody ever asked me. So I just made it happen. The whole experience is stripped down. It won't shock anyone to the core. But it might make people who never sing, sing. And it will certainly make you feel welcome and that you aren't alone. And it is just fun to be in bands. Everyone knows that. It's been great to get out from behind the drum kit. " - Mike

So what about the music? Experiencing New Sincerity Work's music is like spending a beautiful evening at the  lake. Alas, upon returning home the following morning, you find you have run out of milk for your morning coffee. This of course does sometimes happen. And after your frustration subsides, you realize that everything will be ok. Because during the drive to the grocery store to get the milk your favorite new song was just played on the radio.

Live, the ensemble provides the excitement one would expect from people that have played music all their lives. There is only one band member that can't tune their instrument. That makes for a pretty good chance that the band will sound in tune. And as one fan from North Carolina said: "The music is like hearing your best friend sing. And who wouldn't want to hear that?" 

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