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Fists Of Love

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Fists of Love's eponymous debut displays the breadth of its members' experience. This brainchild of songwriters Donna Rubin and Chris Schadler has the unexpected turns of a carnival ride; reflections, dark corners and bright, open spaces. At once brooding and exuberant, the songs speak to the present, drawing on a deep, eclectic vein of rock-n-roll and soul. Fists Of Loves' influences transcend genre: Journey to the End of the Night, Duchamp, Psychedelia through the ages, post-rock, post-punk, post-industrial and post-post-post-modern. The Fists’ music comes full circle to be solid Indie rock music without pretense. Their process is visceral, and so's the experience. While their record creates landscapes of liquid tones and contrasting moods, the yen to make unique, exciting music from collaboration, coupled with the sheer pleasure of making and listening to great music shines through this debut with an infectious fervor. Fists of Love puts to disc the same showmanship they strive for on stage

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