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Evening Redness

Evening Redness recently celebrated the release of their debut full-length CD. CityBeat praised the album, saying “Fine-tuned vocals give the melodies a serious sense of drama and emotion across Before the Dark’s 10 tracks.”

Brent Billock spent 12 years tackling lead tenor roles on operatic stages throughout the U.S. before finally deciding to pick up a guitar and tell his own story. Now, drama and melodic focus dominate his rock compositions. 

Drummer Aaron Williams’ musical background includes marching band, classic rock, jazz, funk, classical, and a prog-metal stint with Cincinnati rockers Kill The Messenger. This wide range of experience drives his inventive rhythms.

Bassist Brother James Czar was raised on a mix of old-school country, big band, bluegrass, folk, classic rock, garage and punk. Now, he splits his time between Evening Redness and acclaimed alt-Blues band The Whiskey Shambles.

This blend of backgrounds gives Evening Redness genre-crossing muscle. Yet the band flexes it sparingly, bringing sonic interest to what remain completely accessible rock songs. There’s nothing here that anyone would call “experimental,” but each piece has just enough invention in it to sound like something new.


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