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Encore Duo on The Hill

  • Encore Acoustic Trio

As much musical brothers as band-mates,Mike Combs and Bob Bridges have played and sung together in bands and ensembles since they met in college. Even earlier, their musical paths were influenced by the close harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, the Everly Brothers, the Righteous Brothers, the Beatles and the Eagles. Through the years, Bob and Mike have crafted their unforgettable harmonies and unique vocal blend, accompanied by their uncanny instrumental synchronicity.

Encore Duo’s shows feature an audience-pleasing mix of original songs, American roots, popular standards, country and classic rock, covering such artists as Zac Brown Band, Willie Nelson, Ed Sheeran and Crosby, Stills and Nash. With their home-spun, relaxed stage presence and a sheer command of their craft, they delight their audiences with familiar and favorite classic hits that soon have everyone singing along to the songs they love and know by heart.

Admission is free. Musician tips are expected.