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Make Your Own Kind of Music: Clifton DIY Showcase in Northside

  • Dravin and The Ravens
  • Kid in the Well
  • Heetseeker
  • The Crimson Blue

The great thing about Cincinnati is that, like many metropolitan areas, there's creativity coming from all corners. Though Northside and it's usual rotation of bands have been Burrito Boy's usual bread and butter, it's hard to ignore the sounds and enthusiasm that have been coming out of Clifton lately. It's an area with a long musical history and as of late many of the DIY venues there have been doing a phenomenal job keeping the tradition alive. So in the spirit of bringing some new blood into the neighborhood, we present Make Your Own Kind of Music, an evening to showcase just one small part of this large talent pool. Come check it out on November 29th at The Comet!


Dravin & the Ravens: Gritty indie garage rock with heart

Kid in the Well: Wild n crazy hard rockin'

Heetseeker: Psychedelic and noisy vibes

Crimson Blue: Female led multi-genre experience and hefty jams

8pm start, donate to the bands, be cool