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Departure Lounge Presents Amtrac

  • Amtrac

Deparure Lounge is coming back to Tulua Nightclub for what is sure to be an incredible night.

The night will feature internationally touring Amtrac!

Opening the night will be Cincinnati's own The Bucher, and Malanis.

"The purest approach produces the most authentic


Amtrac favors a tactile assembly of alternative

electronic music reliant on handcrafted nuance akin to that of a band. The

Kentucky-born and Los Angeles-based artist, DJ, producer, remixer, multi-

instrumentalist, and founder of Openers carefully fuses textures and styles

into an unabridged, unfiltered, and undeniable sonic trip on his aptly titled

second full-length, Oddyssey [Openers/RCA Records]. As such,

he imparts a piece of himself on every moment — from the production and

composition to the vocals and performance."



Tulua Nightclub