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The French Family Band

Their videos have been viewed over 50 million times and they have fans all over the world. Don't miss this show!

Country music just sounds better when a family sings it. That’s where it all began: mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, all huddled together, picking and singing on a porch in the twilight. That’s why when The French Family launch into the bittersweet ache of a classic or the startling tenderness of one of their self-penned original songs, the hairs on country music loving necks stand up, and we instinctively––sometimes tearfully––recognize this father, mother, and son as the real thing.

Touring over the last almost 20 years as Camille and Stuie, the duo became beloved in Australia. They earned three Australian Golden Guitar Awards––that country’s equivalent to the CMAs. The Golden Guitars have recognized both their singing and playing: In 2013, the couple earned their first trophy together for Best Alternative Country Album of the Year, while in 2017, Stuie received Best Instrumental Album honors for his stunning Axe to Swing. Their highlights include being invited to perform with Les Paul at his weekly jam in New York in 2008, and Tommy Emmanuel inviting Stuie to work as a tutor at his Guitar Camps in both Sydney and Nashville.

Camille and Stuie together with their three children moved to Nashville in June 2019. A few months later the pandemic began so the family started playing Facebook Live Concerts from their lounge room. Their online presence has grown significantly since then and they’ve had over 40 million views of their music on YouTube and Facebook and are still performing livestreams for their Facebook fans.

Gibson Guitars invited Sonny (15) to be a part of an international mix of promising young musicians dubbed the “Gibson Generation Group” which he graduated from in 2021 and continues to be an endorsee. Sonny also appeared on the Australian TV show “Little Big Shots” in 2018.

The French Family will be bringing their style of Country Music to Van Wert as a trio performance.

“The French Family Band are simply great musicians and singers who know what a good song and a good sound means! They are as pure as music can be. ” - Tommy Emmanuel CGP



Grand Old Opry House, Convoy Ohio