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CSO PROOF: ANNO Vivaldi's Four Seasons

  • Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Sitting in the middle of a dark, transformed world the audience is cocooned by sights and sounds in an immersive and utterly fresh experience of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for string orchestra and electronics.

Written by composer/producer Anna Meredith, ANNO intertwines sections from Vivaldi's hugely famous seasonal concerti with newly composed electronic and acoustic music by Anna Meredith. At times haunting and achingly beautiful, at others punchy and bombastic, it is a lingering experience that evokes the passing of a year—from the awakening of spring, to the mournful intensity of summer, to the hushed darkness of winter.

Combining old and new, acoustic and electronic, 'popular' and classical, ANNO ultimately defies and questions our need for any such categorization.