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  • Flying Underground

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, Brian Lovely, lost his voice to a neurological curse, and went in search of a singer. Enter Kelly McCracken. The result is power trio + kick ass singer, otherwise known as Flying Underground.

Along with Brian Malone on drums and bassist David Ramos, Flying Underground is a post- The Who / Big Star / early Aerosmith (Give him a break, Lovely was born in Boston)/ Television / Replacements/ Guided By Voices, blah blah blah...kinda thing. A bit proggy and psychedelic. Attitudinally owing much to the likes of John Lennon, Robyn Hitchcock and Randy Newman, lyrics are visceral, often whimsical and oblique, but always heretical and subversive, thank you very much. In other words, a rock band. Duh.

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