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Hagfest 2020

  • John R. Miller
  • Chloe Edmonstone
  • Nathan Kalish
  • Joe Wunderle
  • Chris Acker
  • Joey Allcorn
  • Joe's Truck Stop
  • Ryan Malott of 500 Miles to Memphis
  • Chelsea Ford and The Trouble
  • Justin Wells
  • Steve McDaniel
  • Michael Moeller
  • Golden Shoals
  • Maria Carrelli
  • Ma Crow & Co.
  • Abby Hamilton
  • Pat Hu
  • Billie Gant
  • Ed Cunningham
  • Harold Kennedy
  • Casey Campbell
  • The Hammer & The Hatchet
  • Robert Lowell



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Get Ready for Hagfest 2020

Hagfest started as a tribute to Merle Haggard in 2017, a year after the day he passed, which was also his birthday, April 6th. Merle had a profound impact on Joe Macheret as a musician, songwriter, performer, person, etc. so he wanted to do something in Merle's name to bring together a bunch of his talented friends, and raise some money for a causes Merle would be fond of. Hagfest 2020 will streamed "live" at 6pm (EST) Saturday, May 16th, from the Hagfest Facebook and YouTube pages!