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Folk Rock Co-Bill: Christine Havrilla & Mama’s Black Sheep

  • Christine Havrilla
  • Mama's Black Sheep

Folk Rock Co-Bill:

Christine Havrilla & Mama’s Black Sheep 

Saturday, April 25, 2020 7:30pm ($20 Donation) 

Christine Havrilla fuses funky folk and poppy rock in a freewheeling live show full of upbeat originals and mesmerizing musicianship. Her exciting and eclectic set is full of marvelous melodies, catchy choruses and great looping guitar work. 

Mama’s Black Sheep is the creative collaboration of Ashland Miller (guitars/vocals) and Laura Cerulli (drums/vocals), a dynamic musical duo known for superb strumming, powerful percussion and two voices that blend to produce relaxed acoustic rock.

Note:  Show is in a comfy and quiet listening room in downtown Cincy featuring FREE snacks and FREE soft drinks. 

DownTowne Listening Room

See site for invite!