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Eddie Turner & the Trouble

  • North 2nd Crew

Eddie Turner & Trouble makes their Stanley's Pub debut along side North 2nd Crew!

Eddie Turner has done just about everything. A guitarist since age 12, he honed his skills alongside San Francisco's legendary Tracy Nelson & Mother Earth in the '70s and Denver's hard-hitting Zephyr in the '80s, before becoming a founding member of the Otis Taylor Band in the '90s and then earning a prestigious Blues Music Award nomination for his own solo career in the mid-2000s.

The Denver-based guitarist, singer and bandleader has toured the world, garnering countless fans and an outpouring of critical acclaim in the process.

North 2nd Crew Your favorite soul-shouting funk brothers from Hamilton, OH.The North 2nd Crew is a spontaneous live experience blending soul, funk, blues, and crunchy rock’n’roll.

The group was founded in late 2018 by Casey, Bill, and Brandon at North Second Tap & Bottle Shop’s Tuesday open jam (thanks Dan). As the three of them occasionally backed other artists, it was said, “You guys are like the North 2nd Wrecking Crew,” referring to the famed Wrecking Crew, a group of studio musicians, that backed many hits from rock’s golden era. Over the winter of ‘18-’19, the rest of the band fell in line with Chase and Bean joining in quick succession, followed shortly thereafter by Miles.

North 2nd crew from 9:00-10:30

Eddie Turner 11-??