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4:20 Party w/

  • Gentry's Electric Thumb (GET)
  • Pushing Daisy's

GET (Gentry's Electric Thumb) features members of the Cliftones, Peridoni, and John Gentry Jr.

Jerome Kincaid-Keys at The Cliftones

John Gentry Jr.-Guitar

Kaleb Perrin-Bass at Peridoni

Tim Hensley-Drums at The Cliftones

Pushing Daisy's Band

Jam band local to the Southside of Indianapolis. The Daisy’s sound offers a mix of psychedelic rock, funk, and vast improvisation that keeps the groove flowing. The band is focused on continuing the ideas of many of the great jam bands, most notably bands such as the Grateful Dead, Phish, Umphrey’s Mcgee, while introducing their own sound to the next generation.