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Willow Tree Carolers

  • No Show Cadillac

Willow Tree Carolers

Cincinnati’s Willow Tree Carolers are a wandering bunch of young folkies with the spirit of Leadbelly, Pete Seeger and Odetta in their hearts; their reinterpretations of the road-worn American Folk songbook, complemented with their own original tales of hitting life’s highway make-it-or-bust style has won them plenty of applause from audiences as divergent as Chicago biker gangs, celebratory hometown dive bar crowds, and plenty of good folks gathered at various public parks and street festivals during the daylight hours. You name it, and they’ve strummed, plucked and played to please just about anyone’s ears.

No Show Cadillac

plays the music of a rambler with his self professed "dirty folk" sound, which he describes as "everything but country," for "no real reason.