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Trashgrass Tuesdays w/

  • Trashgrass Troubadours
  • Moriah Haven

Come on out and have some drinks and listen to some bluegrass.

The Trashgrass Troubadours are:

Ben Gourley RMB

Jason Wolf RMB

Adam Copeland of the Rumpke Mountain Boys!

Special guests every week!

Moriah Haven is a Singer-Songwriter, whose projects utilize various concept characters, with each expressing a clear idea in their own voice. Though, spoken through many characters, her projects seek to reflect her personal beliefs, in hopes of raising awareness (and removing stigmas) on speaking openly about mental illness, surviving abuse, body positivity, and sexuality, and LBGTQ+ rights. With her own intimate history concerning these matters, her songs often facilitate these discussions with a brutal, poetic honesty.