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  • Harmless Varmints

Harmless Varmints will get things started for CALABASH for this show! Harmless Varmints will kick things off around 9 PM and Calabash to follow.

CALABASH is original music at it's finest. Provocative and improvisational music taking flight, and setting a course to take you to the edge of the cosmos and back. It's a galactic explosion of rock, blues, folk, and jam! After years of gigging regionally and gaining a faithful fan base, CALABASH has risen to new heights. As their musical prowess has grown, so too has the lineup. What was once a simple acoustic duo has become an onslaught of rhythm and melody.

Harmless Varmints is an old-time string band that plays traditional music with a youthful energy. Andrew Jensen picks the banjo, Indigo Hall chugs along on the cello, and Eli Bedel saws on the fiddle.