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All-star Lineup!

  • Thunder Chicken

Thunder Chicken pulls musicians from all over Ohio to form this behemoth act! This is one of those shows that you really don't wanna miss! Online tickets will be available ASAP.

Cliff Starbuck - Cliff was the bassist for ekoostik hookah from 1991-2009 and has been a part of numerous groups since then. Most recently he has been playing with McStarkatz.

Johnny Polansky III - Johnny was the percussionist for ekoostik hookah from 2000-2005 and then went on as the drummer for One Under.

Jason Wolf RMB - Jason is a musician, singer and songwriter who plays Banjo, Dobro, Saw, Harmonica, Gourd, Upright Bass, Mandolin, and Pedal Steel. A founding member of RMB, "Wolfie" has a colorful past of influences and experiences which allow him to create some of the most innovative and original bluegrass around.

Ben Gourley RMB - Ben is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician who plays the the mandolin and tenor guitar. Ben joined the Rumpke Mountain Boys in 2001.

Chris Beckholt - KrisB's Midnight RailRoad