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  • Willie Phoenix & the Soul Underground
  • One Eyed Jacks

Willie Phoenix & the Soul Underground

Whether he’s playing haunting blues, straight forward rock, garage band noise or psychedelic fusion – Willie Phoenix delivers. Willie’s career has spanned decades - and so has his passion - never stopping, never failing to deliver jaw-dropping performances with an undeniable edge.

Born in Camden Alabama, Willie says he entered the world “wrapped in a burning southern flag” – referencing his love for the blues. Growing up, he listened to all of the greats. They were all there on the 78/45 rpm records played on his family’s Magnavox record player: Muddy Waters, Lightening Hopkins, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker and country greats Hank Williams, Buck Owens and Jerry Reed. Willie remembers thinking the guitars, harmonicas and voices possessed the same echoing, lonely sound as the midnight trains that rumbled past his Marion, Ohio home. It was there, in Marion, where he grew up, went to school and cut his teeth on early British invasion blues and rock n’ roll.


Blues/Rock&Roll written and preformed by Jordan Merchant and friends.