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Stringbreakers & Stuffbreakers (Brazil)

  • Ample Parking
  • The Womps

This is going to be one of those shows that you don't want to miss. StringBreaker and the StuffBreakers are coming all the way from São Paulo, Brazil! Ample Parking and The Womps are sure to keep the crowd dancing all night long!

StringBreaker and the StuffBreakers

Super tight instrumental rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. These guys take influence from 60's-70's rock. They are going to blow your mind!

Ample Parking

With members coming from all different areas of the United States and bringing their own musical influences into Ample Parking, it creates a magical blend of funk, jazz, rock, and jam with a dash of electronic that should be experienced live.

The Womps(Boston,MA)

The Womps are a rising Boston-based alt-rock jam band, dazzling audiences with fiery performances that draw on influences including funk, progressive rock and roll, fusion jazz, punk and folk. Formed around a shared love for all things weird and impossible, they strive to make each show unique through collective improvisation, finely-tuned harmonies, and carefully crafted songs of all shapes and sizes.

The Womps are Kailey Zercher - violin and vocals, JP Goldman - bass and vocals, Jason Lilly - guitar and vocals and Enguerran “OG” Altmayer on drums. Since starting at the Berklee College of Music, The Womps have played over 90 shows in more than 25 cities in the US and Canada, with more bookings set.