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Byrd Law Jazz Quartet

Byrd Law is a brand-new jazz quartet from Eastern and Central Kentucky. Consisting of two guitarists, a drummer, and an electric/acoustic bass player, Byrd Law has a sound that pays tribute to the traditions of jazz with a modern mindset and an acknowledgement of the latest sounds. Their influences include a diverse line up of Jonathan Kreisberg, Allan Holdsworth, the Oscar Peterson Trio, Kneebody, Thundercat, Daft Punk, and Kendrick Lamar. The focus is having an energy that surpasses most by combining complex and nuanced playing, the use of modern grooves and rhythms, and a coherence uncommon for a band so young.

Although the band’s debut was in March 2017, the quartet all met and started playing together in the fall of 2016 as jazz majors at Morehead State University. Since then, they have practiced and progressed rapidly, achieving notoriety among many others studying music. In the summer of 2017, guitarists James Dillon and Austin Boggs decided to take that experience out of the university and started playing as a professional duet. The next fall it was an obvious decision adding Ryan Woods on drums and Mason Daugherty on bass. The quartet debuted and gained an immediate following from both fellow musicians and non-musicians. With their repertoire of classic jazz standards, modern pop songs, and originals that bridge the two, Byrd Law is more than ready to take Kentucky by storm.