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Beasts Of Joy

  • Hathor's Fire

Don't miss this night of lute filled music with Beasts of Joy and Hathor's Fire!

Beasts of Joy

Are the Universe's Most Popular (and only) lute-cello-drums-voice band! Crazy eclectic music to match the instruments.

Hathor's Fire

is the intense, unguarded sonic creation formed in 2018 by Tristen and Romana. Tristen studied classical guitar at Wayne State in Detroit, Michigan. Later her love of rock, funk, and flamenco influenced her style of playing. Romana became fascinated with Middle Eastern music as a medical student and began playing oud in a classical/folk world music project.

Tristen and Romana met at a charity benefit in Louisville, KY in 2017. They immediately became friends and began playing together at local shows and events throughout Louisville’s rich and eclectic music scene. Their combined technical and improvisational prowess soon culminated in the birth of Hathor’s Fire.

The classically trained guitarist and world music multi-instrumentalist frequently collaborate with artists from around their home city of Louisville and surrounding region, creating a dynamic sound that constantly morphs and reinvents itself. The duo possesses an unconventional and daring approach to fusing world music sounds with rock’n’roll.