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Willow Tree Carolers

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Join us for an amazing night of Folk/Americana music with:

Willow Tree Carolers

Cincinnati’s Willow Tree Carolers are a wandering bunch of young folkies with the spirit of Leadbelly, Pete Seeger and Odetta in their hearts; their reinterpretations of the road-worn American Folk songbook, complemented with their own original tales of hitting life’s highway make-it-or-bust style has won them plenty of applause from audiences as divergent as Chicago biker gangs, celebratory hometown dive bar crowds, and plenty of good folks gathered at various public parks and street festivals during the daylight hours. You name it, and they’ve strummed, plucked and played to please just about anyone’s ears.

Legend has it, the Carolers began as a sort-of family band, sometime around 2014. Brothers Josh (banjo) and David Sparks (drums) soon joined ranks with burgeoning singer/songwriter Brandon Martin (guitar/banjo-uke). After a short while they hitched up with their buddy Dawn Weast, who turned in her violin for a wicked fiddle: on stage, she gives the boys a run for their money that you have to see to believe.

Eli Lev

born in Washington, D.C. and raised by the world, Eli Lev is a traveler, self-proclaimed folk hero, and a passionate musician.

His experiences from the road are translated directly and purposefully to the audience in his live performances that feature a strong, soulful voice supported by beatboxing, harmonica, flute, and acoustic guitar loops.

Whether you're looking for meaningful lyrics, memorable rhythms, or hypnotizing chord progressions, you'll find it all in Eli Lev's unique blend of Americana music.


We are Brian & Char, married to each other and the music! Banjo-flavored covers and originals. Folk, Americana, and bluegrass-inspired sounds.

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