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An All-star Salute to Bob Dylan & Grateful Dead!

  • David Gans
  • Joe Marcinek
  • Scott Carnder
  • Nick Blasky
  • Lee Owen

We love building all-star super bands for you guys! This is one that you really DO NOT want to miss! This show will be a tribute to Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead with an all-star cast!

The band is:

David Gans (vocals & guitar) host of the world famous The Grateful Dead Hour and Tales from the Golden Road, and songwriter and touring musician for more than 20 years!

Joe Marcinek (keys) Joe Marcinek Band is Joe's main project and no two shows are ever the same, including the band members! Joe breaths life into any project he is a part of and this will be no different!

Lee Owen (guitar) of Born Cross Eyed, Wayne Graham, KnotDreaded, Triple Crown, Owsley County/Very Garcia Band, Captain Wingnut and The Burnt Ends! The list goes on and on with Lee! He has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old and just like a fine wine, gets better with age!

Nick Blasky (drums) Rays Music Exchange, The Qtet, China Catz, The Almond Butter Band, Maria Carrelli Band and The Omega Moos is just scratching the surface of all the projects Nick has been a part of. The list goes on and on for him as well and we are thrilled to have him on the kit for this show! Baby Levon!

Scott Carnder (bass) Spookfloaters, Hickory Robot, China Catz, The Almond Butter Band and on and on. Scott has been a huge part of the Cincinnati music scene along with Nick for over 25 years! These two guys have played together forever and are sure to keep the rhythm section nice and tight!

This show will be $10 at the door!