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  • twig&leaf
  • Annie Bacon (San Fransisco, CA)

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Harlot is a project stemmed from a long lasting friendship and creative inspiration. Their music is best described as heartfelt, melodic, and driven by simple instrumentation with complex vocal harmonies. They take inspiration from many things and write their songs about all that they encounter. With Banjo, guitar, and a little bit of mandolin they combine harmonious voices and captivating lyrics to create a truly unique sound.


Banjo-flavored duo playing originals and covers. Heady American folk music.

Annie Bacon

Annie Bacon creates a rich and earnest Americana rock sound reeling between the pure tones of Stevie Nicks and the emotive storytelling arcs of Tracy Chapman. It is music that means something and makes you feel.

Along with her OSHEN (a rotating cast of musicians), Annie is currently recording the band's second full length album, Nothing Stays the Same. Incorporating several existing singles and 10 new tracks, the album is also a conceptual project centering deep connection at every level. It's secondary byproduct is a blueprint (under Creative Commons license) for indie musicians to release music with the same thought, passion and purpose with which they created it.