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The Project 100.7/106.3 and the Video Archive present In The Valley Below's The Pink Chateau

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Musical duo In The Valley Below have created a ground breaking album and accompanying film. The Pink Chateau is a story of a young woman who follows a beautiful stranger into the countryside. What unfolds is a series of sensual and intimate tales in the form of a modern silent movie with their album as the soundtrack. Broadcast over headphones, guests will experience a fully immersive audio and visual experience as the band performs the album/score live at Video Archive. 

This event is free and open to the public. Must be 21+. Register at for a free swag bag from The Project you receive at the screening!



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Fully Immersive Audio and Visual Experience with In The Valley Below

The duo/couple of Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob are in the midst of taking The Pink Chateau out on the road this & next month, performing the album/score live in front of the film, broadcasted over headphones including May 5th in Cincinnati at Video Archive!