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Trashgrass Honky-Tonk All-Stars!

  • Trashgrass Troubadours
  • Maria Carreli
  • Moriah Haven
  • Nick Giese
  • Nick Blasky

Trashgrass Honky Tonk All-Stars is one of those once in a lifetime shows that you really need to make sure you catch! With a stacked lineup of musicians such as Jason Wolf RMB, Ben Gourley RMB, Adam Copeland, Maria Carrelli, Nick Giese, Nick Blasky, Moriah Haven, Katie Didit and Brian Johnson.. You really can't go wrong! Do not miss this show!

Be sure to come out early, the night will kick off at 8:30pm ...with a campfiresque original acoustic type song swap until 10pm! SONG PARTY!

Jason Wolf - Rumpke Mountain Boys

Ben Gourley - Rumpke Mountain Boys

Adam Copeland - Rumpke Mountain Boys

Katie Didit- Mama Said String Band

Maria Carrelli - Maria Carrelli Band

Nick Giese - Whey Jennings, Maria Carrelli Band

Nick Blasky - The Omega Moos, The Qtet, Maria Carrelli Band

Moriah Haven - The Sassy Molasses Show

Brian Johnson - Strange Mechanics