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Founding Fathers - Filty Animals CD Release

  • Black Signal
  • Fluffer

Mark your calendars! Friday, Oct. 21st is the CD Release of FOUNDING FATHERS album "Filthy Animals".

They will be performing their entire album from front to back, along with special guest performances by Black Signal and Fluffer!

FOUNDING FATHERS: A unique synth-rock sound that cuts right through the jibber jabber and gets to the heart of the matter.

Black Signal: LED Helmets and Live Visual Projection create an otherworldly feel as Black Signal navigates the stage from their cockpit of sequencers and synthesizers.

Fluffer: A heavy dance-rock trio that is evolving into increasingly uncharted territory, combining blinding psychedelic flavors with a propulsive and kinetic rhythm section.



Northside Tavern

Northside Tavern is a small club & bar in the heart of Northside that caters to local original musicians. This is a great place to discover new music without a cover.