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Fycus Birthday Show

  • Fycus
  • Super Origami
  • Life Brother
  • Canadian Waves

Time to celebrate the birth anniversary of Advait Redkar from Fycus 

Come and celebrate this joyous occasion with a jam packed lineup and wild craft brews

// Fycus \\

This indie rock quartet is one of the hardest working bands in Cincy and have been garnering more attention in the local music scene. 

Silky smooth guitar/vocal harmonies with a 90's bite of down to earth attitude and self awareness. 

You'll be humming or singing the melodies to one of their songs at the end of the night

// Super Origami \\ 

Inspired by "futuristic gangster funk" + beyond.

This group has made waves for their ability to seamlessly weave thought-provoking lyrics with advanced, melodic beats.

One of the most unique projects in Cincinnati; there's nothing else quite like it. 

// Life Brother \\

These guys have been getting the people's feet moving at various venues lately and are heading full steam into the summer with a blaze of heat behind them 

Funky guitar with rock undertones and a lead singer with an impressive stage presence, Life Brother will definitely have you movin and groovin 

// Canadian Waves \\

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