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Protect the Water: A Reggae Hop Fusion Pop-up Concert

  • The Cliftones
  • Elementree Livity Project
  • Ameera
  • Zebras in Public
  • Hunting Agnes
  • J-PhunQ

N.O.W. Fest - no other way

Presents: WATER - a reggae hop fusion concert dedicated to the great equalizer of all humans! 

11am-4pm FREE Entry: An informative session for kids and adults alike recognizing the importance of water here locally and around the globe - - including yoga, activities with permaculturist pro Ande Schewe and final donation day drop off for the Imani Family Center event ImaniFest.

7pm-2am $10GEN, $20VIP: A truly NOW concert as musicians traveling meet up for a 'pop-up' festival unlike any Cincinnati has seen before! Our Reggae Hop Fusion show will bring to life our many dreams of people truly coming together 'in the moment'.



20th Century Theatre

The 20th Century Theatre has been located in the Oakley area since 1941. Easily the most beautiful small theater in Cincinnati, the 20th Century Theatre hosts private events and a very select amount of concerts throughout the year.