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Rock & Droll: Steve Goodie w/ Charlie Millikin

  • Steve Goodie
  • Charlie Millikin

Rock & Droll

Steve Goodie w/ Charlie Millikin

Saturday, July 30 @ 7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm) $15

Nashville’s Steve Goodie plays zany parodies and off-the wall originals that have been on Dr. Demento, The Bob & Tom Show and more. His droll tune topics include Harry Potter, Twitter, NASCAR, cow tipping, chimpanzees, etc. Don’t miss this crazy crooner.

Cincy singer-songwriter Charlie Millikin opens the show with upbeat acoustic rock.

Note:  Show is in a comfy and quiet listening room in the historic Shillito Bldg. in downtown Cincy. Plus FREE snacks and FREE soft drinks.

DownTowne Listening Room @ The Shillito Bldg. in Downtown Cincy


151 West 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202