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And The Kids

  • Nice Try
  • Faux Fiction

unconscious, accessible, existential, indie, glitter, popsicle, crisis

Recently called one of “the Western Mass. indie scene’s brightest creative lights” by Pitchfork, Northampton, Massachusetts’ And The Kids recently released their debut full-length album, Turn to Each Other (Signature Sounds). Turn to Each Other is more than an album title: it’s a statement of fact for the band, whose bond — as musicians, friends and creative foils — is as tight as they come.

// And The Kids \\ (Northampton, MA)
+ Hannah Mohan
+ Rebecca Lasaponaro
+ Megan Miller
+ Taliana Katz

// Nice Try \\ (Bloomington, IN)
+ Madeline Robinson - vocals, guitar, bass
+ Kahler Willits - drums

// Faux Fiction \\ (Milwaukee, WI)
+ Gabriella Kartz
+ Jason Kartz
+ Peter Hair
+ Paul Tyree

// TIGER SEX \\ (Cincinnati, OH)