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  • Human Ottoman
  • Colors in Mind
  • Rich Wizard

Oooooooo baby, we have a doozy woozy of musical talent and freaky arrangements stacked for this one

***PLEASURES (Florida)***

They're back!!!
Psyched out synthwave FagCore for the senses.
You will be mesmerized, I promise.

***Human Ottoman (Portland, Oregon)***

Arrangements like you've never seen or heard of.
Cello, Vibraphone, drum trio lookin to leave you dreaming of new landscapes.

***Colors in Mind***

Prog'd out rocker boiz who are starting to take the scene by storm with infectious guitar layering, driving bass and one hell of a drum colonel behind the shell helm

***Rich Wizard***

The sky is the limit for these rock n roll bangers.
They get better ever time I see them.
Watch out for some killer riffs that will surely get stuck in your noggin.
Careful, the wizard means businazzz

FREE 21+
$5 under 21