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Cincinnati salsa luminaries TROPICOSO will provide the soundtrack for this salsa dance explosion!

Live @ Urban Artifact, the spot for #wildculture in Northside. Please help support live music & craft beer in Cincinnati by stopping by, having a drink, and hanging. == 21+ free / under 21 $5 ==

Larry Feldner - Bandleader, Piano & Backup Vocals,
Tina deAlderete - Lead Vocals
Bill Jackson - Bass
John Zappa - Trumpet & Backup Vocals
Garin Webb - Saxofone, Flute & Backup Vocals
Charles Dong - Trombone
Stann Ginn - Bongos/Percussion
Ali Schweitzer - Congas/Percussion
Nicholas Radina - Timbales/Percussion, Cuatro & Backup Vocals