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KidDead and iAlive's Health and Wellness Tour

  • kidDEAD
  • Counterfeit Money Machine
  • Audley

The Health and Wellness Tour

Pulling together on a mission of perseverance, kidDEAD and ialive are joining forces to bring positivity and boom bap to a town near you.
Even though they are separated by hundreds of miles, both Tallahassee’s kidDEAD and Philadelphia’s ialive share a passion for transmitting hopeful messages, and challenging life’s inequalities.

To know pain, it must first be experienced. To have hope it must first be found. There is no accurate way to practice what pain feels like, nor is there a way to “fake” hope. But through the clever, real life words of Nashville rap maker kidDEAD, one can at least understand what pain and hope look like. kidDEAD leaves a poetic trail of authenticity with every verse combined with the gentleness of a man who has found hope in his future and has harnessed the wisdom and power of words. Feeding off experiences that most Americans have been familiarized with, but many have been lucky enough not to face, kidDEAD reminds us all that we are not necessarily the past or where we come from, but we are who we decide to be, right now.

Hammering a stake in the not-so-fertile soil that is the modern music industry has proved too much for many talented and enterprising lyricists and producers. On the rugged battlegrounds of Philadelphia, only the most cunning and determined can carry the day. Hailing from the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Olney, ialive is a dual threat in the hip-hop realm. While his influences range anywhere from the murky, left-leaning sounds of the Definitive Jux era to psychedelic rock and early 21st Century pop punk, he is, first and foremost, a proponent of True School boom-bap.

Local support by Counterfeit Money Machine and B. Shields