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Angela Predhomme w/ Brittany Gillstrap: Passionate Pop and Soul

  • Angela Predhomme
  • Brittany Gillstrap

Angela Predhomme w/ Brittany Gillstrap

Passionate Pop and Soul

Saturday, July 18 @ 7:30pm (Doors open at 7pm) $12

Singer-songwriter Angela Predhomme sings from the heart with a smooth, expressive voice, and has a knack for writing melodies that stay with you. Her music ranges from catchy light pop to passionate retro-soul.  Fans of Ingrid Michaelson or Carol King will enjoy Angela’s inspired piano and guitar balladry.

Brittany Gillstrap opens with lilting vocal perfection and relaxed alt-pop confections.

Show takes place in a quiet and cozy listening room environment in the historic Shillito Bldg. in downtown Cincy.