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Winter Bonanza 2

  • The Tillers
  • Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle
  • The Cincy Brass
  • 46 Long

MadTree is turning two! Before the production facility, we hosted an annual celebration in our backyards with friends over big, delicious, and warming craft beers. Once again we want to share the Winter Bonanza with everyone! 

Admission is free and all beer tickets are $5!

We had a blast last year and were blessed by beautiful weather, so we'll see what this year brings. Now we have a big new warehouse and a taproom to host the party, so no tent is needed. We'll continually update the beer, food, and music list as we get closer.

Park in the lot at 5500 Ridge Avenue and hop on the shuttle which will run from Noon until 1am every 10-15 minutes to the brewery

City Link Center, Cincinnati Community Toolbank, Green Umbrella, Starfire

MadTree Lift
MadTree Happy Amber
MadTree PsycHOPathy
MadTree Gnarly Brown 
MadTree Identity Crisis
MadTree BlackTart
MadTree Pilsner
MadTree Unhappy Amber
MadTree Thundersnow
MadTree Galaxy High
MadTree Experimental Pale Ale #002
MadTree Vernal Beckoning
MadTree Boysen Dunc
MadTree Funke Blue
MadTree Sprye
MadTree Lemon Basil Blonde
MadTree Pilgrim
MadTree Black Forest
MadTree PumpCan
MadTree Rubus Cacao
MadTree Gnappy (Pappy Van Winkle Gnarly Brown)
MadTree BBA Axis Mundi
MadTree Axis Mundi 
MadTree Vanilla Axis Mundi
MadTree Coffee Axis Mundi 
MadTree Chocolate and Pepper Axis Mundi 
MadTree Belgo Axis Mundi 
MadTree BBA Thundersnow
MadTree Olde Battering Ram
MadTree BBA Happy Amber 
MadTree BBA Gnarly Brown 
MadTree Dreamsicle

Locals and regionals
Bad Tom Brewing - Fink Red Rye 
Blank Slate Brewing Company - Long Way Home
Warped Wing Brewing Company - TBD
Yellow Springs Brewery - BBA MAXXDOUT
Fatheads - Willet Rye BA Battle Axe
West Sixth Brewing - BBA Cocoa Porter
Land-Grant Brewing Company - Imperial IPA
Jackie O's Pub & Brewery
Seventh Son Brewing

The Tillers
Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle
The Cincy Brass
46 Long Fan Page!
More to come...stay tuned for times.

Catch-a-Fire Pizza
C'est Cheese Food Truck
Zombie Dogz