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The Shed Spot

  • Ingrid Woode

All Live Affair is pleased to collaborate with MusicManiac to present... The Shed Spot! An organic environment where some of your local regions most experienced musical talent are given the platform to express themselves. As there are no boundaries to life, this venue is also limitless in the stylistic varieties of music genres that are welcomed such as, Rock, Alternative, Blues, indie, soul, Neo-Soul, country, Latin, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, electronic, dub, and the list can go on! We are calling on the "top" people in their perspective genre, your presence is requested! Even for music lovers, the is the place that you can witness an on the spot production in the making. A place where those who are wanting and willing to learn enhance their skill and also network with others in and outside of their genre, creating an opportunity to expand in versatility. House band will be trio Xperimentalists featuring, Dontae "BamBam" Mackey, Bud Fairbanks, and Cleveland Dodds Jr.if you ever come across this message, this place is designed for YOU! Let's face it, everyone loves music! We will see YOU there!

Every Thursday Night