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My Brother The Bear

"Sometimes the best storyteller comes out of the best listener."
Daniel Bayer aka My Brother the Bear has led an eclectic journey on the quest for that "universal story."
Beginning songwriting at the age of 16, Bayer has journeyed this country and many others, always searching for a unifying thread in the lives of others.
In 2005, after a short music jaunt in his hometown of Cincinnati, Oh, Bayer did the unthinkable to cure his need for songwriting material: he joined the Army!
"I did it because I was at a loss for direction in my life and my music and because of that choice I discovered so much about who we are as people. Our loves, losses, family, hometowns, dreams and wishes all create who we are and write our stories."
Honorably discharged from the Army since 2011, Bayer has loaded a different type of ammunition into his arsenal and crafts songs about all the things that make a person exist.
"I love songs that I write but don't really belong to me. I think the most important thing that I've learned through all my travels is that people are never the same everywhere you go, but their hearts are."