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Don Paris Schlotman

Funny and sad like a trainwreck full of clowns, Don Paris Schlotman is a New York multi-instrument musician whose solo recordings span a variety of genres and styles.
He was born in a freak accident, the seventh son of a lightning bolt and a mountain lion. He plays music the way some people fall over, and his artificial left eye can see 4 seconds into the future. Don makes art, plays and writes music, wrestles conundrums, falls down sometimes, and is a cat lady in training. The reports of his wizardry are greatly exaggerated, although he has been known to make things disappear at times, including but not limited to himself.
He is also the bass player and co-founder of The Sky Captains of Industry
If you find yourself in need of original art for your posters, book, or album cover, portrait or still photography, a bass line, some banjo pickin, witty-yet-preposterous lyrics, cat wrangling, a good yarn, a willing ear, or perhaps just a BAMF for your entourage, get in touch. You can either whisper his name to a spider three times, or just click the gmail link to the left.