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A City on Fire

  • Hot For Alice
  • The Whiskey Shambles

A City on Fire is a Northern KY band that blends the genres of indie, emo, and garage rock into a musical concoction that inspires those who cross our path.
Our name comes from our collective desire to set this city and the scene ablaze with sounds, energy and a passion.
We have taken that which has inspired and moved us over the course of our lives as musicians into a sound that is uniquely our own and defies conventional categorization.
We are A City on Fire !

The Whiskey Shambles: Hollering tales of murder, betrayal, debauchery, and long, dark Saturday nights of the soul. Stripped raw, bruised, and cracking a bloody, split-lip grin, The Shambles deliver a loud, belligerent style of demonic hill-stomp blues that almost . . . but not quite . . . betrays an air of subtle sophistication lingering just around the edges. "Rough garage rock and dirty basement blues that kicks you right in the gut bucket." Whatever you call it, The Whiskey Shambles sure enough get asses shakin and heads rockin -- and that ain’t no half-steppin! This is the hard part, nephew. Whooooo well well.

Hot For Alice is a collaborative construction of rock and roll sound waves. Each member of Hot For Alice has uniquely distinct interests and musical influences, yet when they come together they create an explosion of sound energy.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)