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Sparrow Bellows

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Sparrow Bellows plays straight-up Rock n Roll with unforced smart-ass exuberance in the spirit of early Cheap Trick and The Replacements. They are jeans and t-shirt simple with a wild streak of Art Rock complexity and Pop Rock ferocity. With their catchy tunes and tight vocal harmonies, Sparrow Bellows is a dynamic live act with a phenomenal guitarist. Ric Hickey is one of those rare guitarists who can convincingly shift from rhythm to lead and back again without tripping on the transitions, bringing to mind the likes of Jimmy Page and Angus Young. Hickey channels his love of Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew, The Beatles and The Stones into every clever phrase he wrings out of his old beat-up Telecaster Deluxe. The only thing keeping Sammy Wulfeck from wrecking his Rickenbacker with maniacal John Entwistle bass runs is his important role as co-frontman, his dusky vocals taking the lead on a good many of the band’s infectious numbers. And as Sparrow Bellows’ big man in the back, drummer Brian Kitzmiller anchors it all with thundering whimsy, providing a slippery backbeat and the perfect percussive atmosphere for the band’s infinite variety of moods.