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Jack Grelle & Ryan Koenig (of Pokey LaFarge)

  • Jake Book
Jack Grelle (pronounced Grell-ee) is a proud Missouri boy who sings his personal stories of the road and the people he has met along the way. A country, folk and honky tonk songwriter and performer, Jack joins a new wave of young transient musicians who play America’s music in bar rooms and living rooms across the globe. With a band made up of telecasters, pedal steel guitar, bass and drums, an authentic honky tonk performance is delivered every night that will satisfy both the dancing and listening crowds.
The new album, “Steering Me Away” out October 10 on Big Muddy Records, features ten original songs reminicsent to the sounds of Bakersfield and 70's Texas Outlaw. The progression from his previous two records is noted as Grelle's strengths shine through with his clever wit in his words and the catchy hooks thru instrumentation with the support of a full band. This roots country release will satisfy the longing for any true American music fan.
Pokey LaFarge is an American musician and songwriter focusing on the American roots genre. In 2009 LaFarge founded the group Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three when a group of three musicians joined him: Joey Glynn (bass), Adam Hoskins (guitar) and Ryan Koenig (harmonica, washboard, and snare). The group is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Click to read full Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.