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Originally from the UK Callaghan moved to the USA in summer 2010 to record and tour with Grammy- Nominee Shawn Mullins and has been touring and building her audience ever since.
Callaghan plays piano and guitar and delivers a vocal which earns frequent comparisons with artists like Sarah McLachlan and Emmy Lou Harris. Her songwriting chronicles the stories, experiences and emotions which are part of everyone’s lives. Watching her show you’ll enjoy thoughtful lyrics, haunting vocals, and catchy melodies.
A long-time Shawn Mullins fan, she contacted the Atlanta singer-songwriter through MySpace, and after being knocked out by her music he agreed to a rare collaboration. Callaghan left her London digs and boarded a plane headed for the American South: the experience was the inspiration for the opening track from her album, Best Year.
Her debut album, Life in Full Colour was tracked in and around Atlanta with Mullins both producing and playing on the record. It released in summer 2012 to a great reaction:
“ a 12- track set infused with folk, pop, rock, and country influences and, above all immediate hooks” - Billboard
“Life in Full Colour is joyful listening” - Huffington Post
“this Brit has been listening to her Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, and Sheryl Crow records. Girl can write. Girl can sing. Girl can play piano. Girl has captured my heart. Callaghan, oh Callaghan, sing me back home!” - Aquarian Weekly
Since then Callaghan has been on the road touring with artists including Shawn Mullins, Ed Kowalczyk, Matthew Sweet, Jake Shimabukuro, Matthew Perryman-Jones and more. After repeated sell out shows in Georgia she is now headlining shows across many US markets.
Life in Full Colour was followed up by her live record Callaghan Live in America in summer 2013. Callaghan is now writing and recording for her second studio album.
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