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Phratry Records Ten Year Anniversary Showcase

  • Thistle
  • Saturday Supercade
  • Mad Anthony
  • Jonathan Lohr & The Angel Shale
  • The Shanks
  • Tyranny Is Tyranny
  • New Third Worlds
  • Gazer
  • Ultrasphinx
  • Covington
  • Adam Nice
August 2014 marked the ten year anniversary for Phratry Records, and to celebrate, the label is hosting two nights of music featuring many regional bands from the Phratry roster and several special guests.
Since 2004, Phratry Records (Cincinnati, Ohio) has built a catalog of nearly 50 releases and a roster of touring bands from the United States, Canada and Europe. Uninterested in being a genre-specific record label, Phratry boasts a diverse catalog -- everything from rock, punk, metal and noise to folk, indie-rock and contemporary classical -- by artists who share decidedly non-mainstream ethos.
Phratry Records is an underground record label focused on art and community. It continues in the tradition of DIY, independent record labels and owes a considerable debt to imprints such as SST, Touch & Go, Dischord, Amphetamine Reptile and more.
Thistle (Cincinnati, OH). First show in five years! For fans of SST-era Dinosaur Jr.
Gazer (Cincinnati, OH). Gazer plays aggressive, intelligent post-punk at a hardcore tempo; DEVO meets Dropdead.
Tyranny Is Tyranny (Madison, WI). Post-noise rock for fans of Light Bearer, Isis and Amphetamine Reptile Records releases.
Covington (Cincinnati, OH). For fans of Moving Targets, Pegboy, Government Issue.
The Shanks (Toronto, Ontario). Tribal arena-rock played on a basement floor. For fans of The Dead Boys, Alice Cooper, Stranglers, Big Business.
Mad Anthony (Cincinnati, OH). Garage rock/punk for fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Stooges, Misfits, Dead Boys.
Saturday Supercade (Cincinnati, OH). Special guests Saturday Supercade reunited for the first time in five years! Melodic, pop-punk for fans of Big Drill Car and Dave Smalley-era ALL.
A.M. Nice (Cincinnati, OH). Special guest Adam Nice. For fans of the Big Wheel Recreation Records catalog.
Ultrasphinx (Akron, OH). Special guests Ultrasphinx play grinding bass and buzzing guitars on top of relentless, energetic drumming. For fans of The Party of Helicopters, rock and metal.
New Third Worlds (Cincinnati, OH). New Third Worlds play an exciting mix of rock, dub and reggae. For fans of early Clash, Leatherface, King Tubby, Fugazi.
Jonathan Lohr & the Angel Shale (Cincinnati, OH). Alt-country featuring former members of Phratry Records' Caterpillar Tracks.