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Mr. The Kid

  • Head in the Louds
Mr. the Kid is a collective of musicians committed to celebrating the freedom and art of making music together. Formed in Bellevue, KY in the summer of 2007, the trio of Mike Swain (drums), Shane McMullen (bass), and Jon Divita (keys) distilled a unique sound from a ridiculously wide range of musical backgrounds and tastes. After early experiments with adding a guitarist and gigging with various guest horn players, the group expanded in early 2011 with the addition of Rob Mulhauser on trumpet (acoustic and electric) and flugelhorn.
Considering the voracious musical appetites of the band members it’s no surprise that Mr. the Kid’s music is a varied affair. Relatively straightforward funk and jazz is broken up by hard-edged progressive rock, wild flights of improvisation, reggae, Latin, psychedelic rock, afro-beat, and atmospheric noise. The result is a visceral sound that entertains, challenges, and surprises in equal abundance.