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Andra Taylor & Nate Dodge

  • Matt Baumann
  • JCK Promoting their 2014 Fall Record Releases Andra Taylor and Nate Dodge are singer/songwriters from Philadelphia, PA. In 2012 they sold everything and set out on tour. Taylor and Dodge form a fiery and energetic duo, merging her Indie/Americana with his Progressive/Alternative and collaborating on each other's tunes. Touring the country with Taylor's beloved dog, Snoop, you can catch Andra Taylor & Nate Dodge, coming soon to a town near you!
WolfCryer is the adopted moniker of singer/songwriter Matt Baumann (born in St. Louis Missouri). A former classical and jazz musician, Matt quit 20 years of playing the saxophone to teach himself the 4-string (so-called plectrum) banjo and start again as a folk musician. WolfCryer is a one-man show on banjo, vocals, harmonica, and guitar; he writes his own personal, often very dark songs. His first self-titled E.P was recorded during the summer months of 2011 and was released in June of 2012.
Jeff "JCK" Klemm is musician/producer based out of Northeast Ohio best known for his work as MAID MYRIAD's frontman and guitarist in the now defunct VIA LOTUS. He has performed his music all over the country many times over embarking on several national tours. Implementing DIY ethics and attitude from growing up in the Akron, OH punk scene, he handles all of the booking, recording and promotion for his projects.



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