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Old City
Starting out as a solo electronic project of long-time Cincinnati music alum Sammy McKee (view-finder, Charlston Entry, Bitter Airplane, and Kaptain), Old City has quickly grown into a dynamic, live trio in the sonic vein of Poster Children, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. You will also hear hints of Wussy, Guided by Voices, Polvo and even Lou Reed in Sammy's melodic delivery. The band currently consists of McKee on guitar and vocals AND Dave Cupp (Man Halen, Caterpillar Tracks) on drums. Robyn Roth (Knife the Symphony, Theraphosa) AND Gabriel Molnar (Sometimes, Little Lights, 1000 Arms) have played a key role in the band's transition from solo act to solid group and informed many of the moods and melodies with their unique approach to the bass guitar.
Old City has released three EPs and a live album as a band (download from bandcamp) and have recorded their first full-length LP to be released on random-colored vinyl on August 23, 2014.
Black Owls
"The thing that Black Owls does infinitely well is mash their British Invasion/Punk influences into a thick paste and apply it in broad trowel strokes to their distinctly Midwestern presentation, crafting a sound that is both maddeningly familiar and strikingly original. Dig: A parallel-earth Ian Hunter is born in Detroit and forms a garage-band Mott the Hoople after seeing Mitch Ryder and Iggy Pop, and still manages to obsess over Dylan and Bowie."
R. Ring
R. Ring is Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery. It is voices, guitars and keys. It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song. It is new. It is, at the very least, a stark departure from the music they make in their other bands (Kelley with The Breeders and Mike with Ampline.)
They are currently putting finishing touches on recordings for a 7” single due out on Misra Records.
Kelley lives in Dayton, Ohio. Mike lives in Dayton, Kentucky.
kp - baritone ukulele, sequencer, live looping
Man Kitten!
Comedy band consisting of two celestial beings, a kitten, and a handful of instruments producing funky fresh tunes that ooze swag and radiate sunshine