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Jim Casto With Dr. Hue

  • The Speedbumps
  • Randy Horvath
For the past few years Jim Casto and Dr. Hue have been assembling periodically to create and perform music together. Their sound is a mixture of Folk, Singer-songwriter, and rock, with a slight hint of country. Jim Casto is a singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, deriving much of his musical influence from time spent with songwriters a-like in Northeastern Ohio. Looking to branch out into diverse musical stylings, he enlisted the help of local Rock n' Roll band, Dr. Hue. These talented young musicians help bring a depth to Casto's songs. This collaboration is currently in the process of recording an album.
Recent accomplishments include performing at Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Festival in 2013; as well as other various local venues including the Southgate House Revival and Rhinegeist Brewery. Our song "Carolina" was selected by American Songwriter Magazine for featured daily artist, which I have attached a link for in the "other" websites section.